Shannon will smile ear to ear as she describes her job and her accomplishments there.  Rightfully so since she started at Independent as a bookkeeper and transitioned into the second in charge in less than a year. 

The oil and gas industry just might be in her veins as she followed in the familiar footsteps of her father, a renowned driller in this region.  She worked alongside him in different arenas, even drilling water wells.  With this experience and armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Business, Shannon pursues her entrepreneurial side in her free time.  Ask her about cracking locks and the ear-to-ear smile returns as she describes her side hustle as a locksmith.  It can be a straightforward income or it could easily become an obsession that takes a person to reality TV. 

This may make her proud, but Shannon's greatest accomplishment is her duty as a wife and mother.  She and her husband, Chris, have three children who keep them entertained with fun family antics.  When they have time to get away you can find them vacationing in the mountains camping, joy riding, or even backpacking.  When all is said and done Shannon Dinkel can say that she loves what she does every day. 

Independent Industrial Services, based out of Gillette, Wyoming, specializes in industrial cleaning, railroad, power plants, coal mines, oil tanks, and other industrial sites.  Our Hydro-Vac fleet consists of dependable Guzzler model trucks that have the biggest blowers and the highest tank capacity in the industry.  Our vehicles clean up spills and deliver high-temperature pressure washing. 

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