We are the Region's Sole Repair Provider

The Mountain West region is known for its wealth in energy resources.  This also means a region of hardworking, down and dirty, blue collar men and women.  We know a thing or two about hard work.  Every company in the energy industry is equipped with pressure washers and no tool is used (and abused) more.  Nobody knows these machines better than we do, and we've become quite efficient as well.  Let us get your valuable equipment back up and running. 


Successful Experience Where it Counts

With our own fleet of extensive, high quality machines, we know what it takes to purchase, maintain, and repair the equipment that gets the job done.  With thousands of man hours behind our operations, we have the expert touch to get your personal or commercial gear operational again.  Leave it to the experienced experts.

Successful Experience Where it Counts

Whether you are a private individual or business owner, you understand the significance of your pressure washer.  These machines represent a substantial weight in the workforce of any home, ranch, company or shop.  Don't let your broken appliances frustrate you or hold back your projects.  Independent Industrial Services can have your pressure washer up and running in no time.

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