Hydro Vac

Hydro Excavation is one of the most popular hydro vac services.  This uses high pressure water and a vacuum system, making it the only non-destructive digging methods.  First, the material that is being excavated is loosened by the high pressure water jets.  Then, the loosened material and excess water is sucked into a large holding tank by a very strong vacuum.  Hydro vac daylighting is used to describe the uncovering and exposing of underground utilities or pipelines to the daylight.

Advantages of Hydro Vac Excavation

  • 100% safe to underground lines, pipes and operator

  • Reduces restoration and insurance costs along with liability

  • Helps prevent hazardous strikes or damage to any infrastructure

  • Excavated material is left clean, dry, and suitable for backfilling

  • Fast and effective excavation in areas with access issues

  • Work around vertical pipe and tanks inside plants

  • Up to 100% faster than hand digging or using dirt equipment

  • Safely removes contaminated materials

  • Precise holes for pilings

  • Dig up to 300' from the truck

  • Remote Diagnostics and data logging

  • Video surveillance & GPS tracking

Popular Hydro Excavation Services for Oil & Gas


The first action in ensuring pipeline safety is exposing them for evaluation, which can be done through the process of potholing/daylighting.  This is completed by digging an experimental hole that exposes underground utilities (such as pipelines) for analysis. 

Maintenance Excavations

The well-being of pipelines depends upon consistent inspection and maintenance procedures during which pipes must be uncovered from their original, underground state.  Repair excavations performed by hydrovacs are the safest way to effectively reveal pipes for the maintenance they demand with the use of only pressurized water and a powerful vacuum.

Pipeline Installations

In order for new pipeline to be installed, slot trenching, or the digging of thin ditches, must take place.  Whether or not new pipeline is being placed in a congested area, it is essential that excavation is carried out carefully.  Excavation carried out by hydrovacs is the best way to install new pipes or lines without the fear of damages. 

Cleaning Trenches

Hydro Excavation can provide orderly trenches and pits, perfect for laying new pipes and lines.  Using just pressurized water and vacuuming, trenches and pits can be safely become ideal for pipeline laying perfection.

Tank Cleaning

Keeping your equipment well-maintained and functioning to its furthest extent is one way to give your business an edge over the others.  This is one of many reasons to invest in tank-cleaning services.  Other common objectives may prompt such an investment; these might include cleaning a tank to generate an increase in storage availability, providing a fresh slate for changing the product within a tank, investigating tank mechanical issues, or even simply meeting safety regulations.  No matter the cause, Independent Industrial Services is prepared. 

Many businesses use different sized tanks to store a widespread variety of products. Our fleet of industrial vacuum/tank-cleaning equipment and technology can handle any variety of tank contents. Not only are we capable of removing both liquid and solid materials, we also have the means to clean tanks of any size, capacity, or contained quantity. With a far reach capability and methods that can’t be compared, Independent can quickly, safely, and expertly provide a complete clean to any tank.

Rig Clean Outs

Before moving on to your next destination, we understand the necessity of leaving your rig in an orderly condition, meaning finding a way to get it completely clean. Independent Industrial Services possesses the ability to do exactly that. Not only do we provide the correct tools, advanced craftsmanship, and staff, we also operate in a manner that is sensitive to the value of time. Independent is able to complete rig clean outs in a prompt manner in order to respect your need and desire to get back to drilling.

As is true with many aspects of the oil and gas industry, Hydro Excavation can contribute advantageous services to the process of cleaning out rigs. Independent capitalizes on the safety and effectiveness of hydro vacs and utilizes them to get the best results when cleaning your rig. Independent Industrial Services pairs hydro excavation with other quality supplies and approaches so that you can get the optimum and timely rig clean you deserve.


A roustabout is a laborer that performs the excess duties of oil and gas personnel, enabling the company’s more skilled workers to dedicate the time needed to more pressing matters. At Independent Industrial Services, we take great pride in striving to provide our customers with the best services possible. That is why our roustabout services are of the highest calibre and encompass many different categories so that you receive the assistance you need.

Our variety of roustabout services give our customers an excellent selection. Customer satisfaction is one of many things that we strive for. We take pride and dedicate ourselves to each and every service that we offer. Our roustabout services include:

  • Pipe threading
  • Track hoe services
  • Bob cat services
  • Back hoe services
  • Trenching services
  • Gooseneck services
  • Brush hog
  • Cleaning mud pumps
  • Pipe fusing 1'-12'
  • Fencing
  • Cattle guard
  • Site maintenance

Hotshot Service

With constantly changing situations and demands, sudden requirements can jump out unexpectedly. At Independent Industrial Services, we know and understand the oil and gas industry, and are aware of the needs that must be fulfilled as quickly as possible. Our hotshot delivery system was designed and put into action to provide the assistance your company requests, when you request it. As we are prepared 24/7, 7 days a week, Independent has your back in even the most dire of scenarios.

Not only are we at Independent ready at a moment’s notice to provide hotshot delivery service, we also have the skills necessary to handle the delivery of any product and the ability to do so efficiently. You can be confident that your load will make it to you safely, as experience hauling oversized and various other loads has fully equipped our staff with mastery. You can also be confident that the hotshot delivery services provided through Independent will be affordable. We make it our goal haul loads as cost-effectively as possible in order to stay within a strict budget.

The experts at Independent Industrial Services know the ins and outs of the oil and gas industry. We’re knowledgable and equipped to correctly carry out specialized services that may be unmanageable or overwhelming for others. That’s why we strive to provide an elite array of industrial cleaning options.

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