Mine Cleaning

Each mine site has unique specifications which can make it difficult to choose the proper actions to take in industrial cleaning.  At Independent, our excellent and well-experienced cleaning and maintenance group make formulating a cleaning plan simple.  With flexibility, unmatched skill, and specialized equipment and materials, we are able to tailor our industrial cleaning services to meet your exact demands. 

The mine cleaning we offer at Independent Industrial Services is not only thorough, but is also widespread to include many different aspects of cleaning such as maintenance related tasks and large sum of assorted cleaning techniques.  Our services are many and are designed to align with your needs, whatever they may be.  When searching for the proper care for the cleanliness and order of your mine site, you can be sure that Independent will go above and beyond your expectations. 


The only way to truly clean your work environment and everything in it is to hire professionals with the right equipment to do so.  When left with clogged lines, culverts, or sewer systems, it can be difficult to take care of the issue on your own.  The best way to tackle plugged utilities is with a process called jetting.  Jetting is the use of high-pressure water streams to rid of any blockages, and can only be done effectively with the proper tools.

At Independent Industrial Services, we employ an advanced group of jetting tools that go above and beyond to remove obstructions and clear out congestion.  Specialized devices amplify our abilities and allow us to format our jetting services to effectively work within a mine site.  Our specialized equipment is able to clean out blocked lines of up to 600 feet in length, and lines of any diameters ranging from 2 inches to 60 inches.  For any jetting needs, Independent is the place to call. 

Hydro Vac

Dependable, well-equipped, and properly-operated vacuum trucks are essential elements for successful recovery jobs.  A vacuum truck is a tank truck that is composed of a storage tank and a high velocity vacuum pump.  The mounted pump is designed to operate with considerable strength, drawing power from the engine to provide suction.  Due to the industrial might of the vacuum pump, vac trucks are able to manage many different types of materials, both wet and dry.

Between our utilization of the Guzzler brand vac trucks and our highly skilled employees, we are able to recover, contain, and carry liquids, slurries, thick sludge, solids, and dry bulk powders from even the most difficult areas to reach.  The vac truck services at Independent are a necessary addition for maintaining railroad efficiency.

Hydro Excavation is one of the most popular services applicable to the category of hydro vacs.  This revealing technique combines the effects of highly pressurized water and an industrial strength vacuum, making it the only non-destructive method of digging.

Advantages of Hydro Vac Excavation

  • 100% safe to underground lines, pipes and operator

  • Reduces restoration and insurance costs along with liability

  • Helps prevent hazardous strikes or damage to any infrastructure

  • Excavated material is left clean, dry, and suitable for backfilling

  • Fast and effective excavation in areas with access issues

  • Work around vertical pipe and tanks inside plants

  • Up to 100% faster than hand digging or using dirt equipment

  • Safely removes contaminated materials

  • Precise holes for pilings

  • Dig up to 300' from the truck

  • Remote Diagnostics and data logging

  • Video surveillance & GPS tracking

Advantages of Hydro Vac Excavation

Utility/Pipeline Crossings

Utility and pipeline crossings are normally excavations that are done in order to repair buried utilities.  Because performing excavations in areas of many underlying pipeline and utility crossing can induce multiple risks, the destruction-free techniques of hydro excavation are the ideal option.  To protect your mine site from the dangers of causing damages, utilize the hydro vac services of Independent. 


Slot trenching is the activity of digging narrow trenches.  The purpose of these trenches falls primarily under the installation of underground utilities such as pipes, cables, signs, posts, and other varied infrastructures.  This method of digging is highly precise and accurate, producing initial trenches of the correct thickness and reducing the risk of damages. 

HDD Bore Pit Maintenance

When working near valuable sites or pieces of equipment, you want to invest in the least destructive method possible.  Because hydro excavation uses only water and vacuuming, its methods are guaranteed to be safe.  For maintenance of HDD bore pits, there isn't a better choice than hydro excavation.

Open Top Vessel & Confined

Space Tank Cleans

Hydro excavation is not only ideal for its remarkably safe techniques and efficiency; it is a process that is also applicable to confined spaces.  While maintaining the same accuracy, precision, and dependability, hydro excavation can be utilized in non-conventional settings and in hard-to-reach areas. 

Vac Trucks

A vacuum truck has a high velocity vacuum pump mounted on it that allows wet and dry material to be sucked into a storage tank.  Among other things, we are able to recover, contain, and carry solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries, and thick sludge from areas that are difficult to reach.

Because vac trucks operate in such a wide variety of conditions dispersed throughout several industries, there are many vac truck options and it is important to select the right one.  At Independent Industrial Services, we use the brand Guzzler, which are vac trucks known for their reliability, as well as for their powerful, effective, and safe performances.  Not only can Guzzler vac trucks handle nearly any material, they are also able to function in remote or difficult-to-access areas and possess the highest tank capacity in the industry.

The experts at Independent Industrial Services know the ins and outs of the mining industry. We're knowledgable and equipped to correctly carry out specialized services that may be unmanageable or overwhelming for others.  That's why we strive to provide an elite array of industrial cleaning options.

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