Originally started as Independent Automation, Jackie had an excellent relationship with his biggest client.  About ten years ago, that client sold, leaving Jackie wondering about his companies' future.  In the face of potential disaster, he dedicated himself to adapt and overcome what would only have crippled others.  Instead of downsizing, Independent Industrial Services explosively grew into what it is today. 

The responsibility of owning this company requires Jackie to staff the best people and equip them with top-notch technology to complete the biggest, toughest jobs out there.  Due to Jackie's previous experience on the Safety Task Team at a local coal mine, he is the proudest proponent of Independent's safety culture.  He is so dedicated to his role as the face of the company that he created the Customer Bill of Rights, ensuring that high value would be delivered to every client.

Mrs. Joyce Dymond has been the better half of Jackie for over 40 years.  Together they have raised two sons who were collegiate athletes, and now get to enjoy five grandkids.  Jackie always loved coaching his own children and will continue coaching family sports as long as he can.  Jackie and Joyce are also Chihuahua fans who love to spoil their fur babies.