Independent Industrial Services has a fleet of the most efficient Hydro/Dry Vac Services that can handle a variety of both Hydro vac and Dry vac applications.  Our heavy duty industrial Vac-Con combination sewer tanker and Gusslers-Super Suckers wet/dry vacuum truck are designed to clean up and recover a full spectrum of materials:

  • Solids

  • Sawdust

  • Fly Ash

  • Fine Dust

  • Dry Bulk Powders

  • Grains

  • Aluminum & Polymer Chips

  • Liquids

  • Oils

  • Slurries

  • Thick Sludge

  • Caustics

  • Catalyst

These DOT-certified vacuum loaders handle non-hazardous materials.  From waste removal to product recovery, our trucks are capable of moving both wet and dry product from light dust to gravel.  Long-distance suction lines allow the vacuum loader to reach remote, contoured or inaccessible locations, even underwater. We can clean out:

  • Clarifiers

  • Silos

  • Mixers

  • Sumps or Catch Basins

  • Sand pits

  • Separators

  • Processing vats

  • Storage tanks

  • Spill sites

  • And much more

Whatever your material removal needs, call the professionals at Independent Industrial Services.  We can help you choose the quickest, most cost-effective method from among our many options.  And we'll work with you to plan our work around your production schedule, causing as little disruption as possible. 

See what HydroVac Trucks can do for Oil & Gas

Hydrovac Services

During the hydrovac process, pressurized water is injected into the ground through a handheld wand.  As the soil over is liquefied, the resulting slurry is simultaneously extracted by a powerful vacuum and stored in a 14 yard debris tank onboard the hydrovac.  

Hydrovacs can dig effectively in all soil types, including clay, and with the aid of onboard heaters, hydrovacs provide a safe means of digging in frozen ground.  Our powerful hydrovac systems can excavate up to 60' deep and at distances of 600' from the truck, enabling work to be done in areas of limited access. 

Dryvac Services

Our durable and reliable machinery makes for a simplified clean-up process.  Whether your needs demand a heavy duty service, or something on the lighter side, Independent Industrial Services has you covered.  In many instances, unwanted materials can build up in hard to reach areas.  Our Dryvac system allows us the freedom to readily manage any substance, as well as the ability to thoroughly clean these areas, leaving you with the satisfaction of an orderly space. 

The hydro/dry vac applications used at Independent Industrial Services are unmatched in both efficiency and safety.  We're knowledgeable and equipped to correctly carry out specialized services that may be unmanageable or overwhelming for others.  That's why we strive to provide an elite array of industrial cleaning options. 


Cleanup & Excavation

Our fleet of cleaning equipment can handle any variety of tank contents, spill cleanup, or excavation project.  We clean & empty, or change product tanks.  Spill or cleanups always meet safety regulations when we're done.  Hydro Excavation combines highly pressurized water and an industrial strength vacuum, making it the only non-destructive method of digging. 

Superior Brands

At Independent Industrial Services, we use the brand Guzzler.  These vac trucks are known for their reliability, as well as for their powerful, effective, and safe performances.  Engineered to be top-performers, Guzzlers are designed to vacuum one of the largest expanses of matter that vac trucks can handle.

Diverse Applications

Between our utilization of the Guzzler brand vac trucks and our highly skilled employees, we are able to recover, contain, and carry liquids, slurries, thick sludge, solids, and dry bulk powders from even the most difficult areas to reach.  The vac truck services at Independent are the best choice for keeping your industrial site functioning efficiently.