The need for industrial services accompanies any successful functioning business.  At Independent Industrial Services, our primary focus is offering a broad range of services related to industrial cleaning; however, consultations are an integral factor in learning more about and receiving the best services for your company.  Because of that, Independent Industrial offers consulting over a wide range topics.  Consultations are designed to provide you with guidance, strategies, plans, and the knowledge you need to lead your company to success.  Through consulting with experienced industrial service professionals, you can gain information about the different services offered through Independent Industrial, why the are effective, and how to determine the most plausible options for your personal scenario and industry.  From Railroad Services and Oil & Gas Services to Industrial Services and Mining Services, the experts at Independent Industrial are here to help you make the correct decisions that will benefit your business in the best way.  Reach out for a consultation and receive impactful industrial advice. 

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A fleet of helpful staff is just as important as a fleet of high-quality equipment.  At Independent Industrial Services, your industrial cleaning needs become our priority as we seek to serve you with the guidance and knowledge necessary to make the best choices for you.


At Independent Industrial Services, professional customer relations is our specialty.  With a team of excellent individuals, techniques that can't be beat, and equipment that goes above and beyond, we are prepared to provide you with a first-rate experience.

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