Jackie Dymond, the owner and manager of Independent Industrial Services was born January 30, 1958 in Neosho, Missouri.  At the age of four, Jackie discovered a drum set and began to develop what would become his lifelong passion.  Talking to him today, Jackie has just as much fire in his eyes when he tells stories of famous drummers or his friend Ted Nugent.  Since careers in rock and roll are very rare, he invested his future into the growing field of natural resources.  It's now been over 40 years since Jackie got his first job in the energy business. 

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Business Development

Born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico, you may expect Shannon Dinkel to carry a bit of an outer space aura.  That couldn't be farther from the truth as you get to know this hardworking woman.  In her role of Business Development, she handles all sales, job coordinating, employee delegation, and oversees equipment maintenance.  These responsibilities may intimidate the faint-hearted, but Shannon loves this fast-paced environment as she coordinates between clients and employees with phone skills that are second-to-none. 

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Human Resources

As far as job hats are concerned, Jenny Johnson probably wears them all as Controller in Human Relations.  Her responsibilities include a little of everything as she oversees all behind-the-scenes operations of Independent Industrial Services.  Daily duties for Jenny even include overseeing the companies' subsidiaries.  Why does Jenny handle so much?  Her natural gifts of organization and administration make her ideal for this position that requires so much order and systemization.  

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Born in 1985 and hailing from the historic town of Encampment, Wyoming, Forrest operates as a Pusher and Mechanic. Forrest also carries the common theme of being capable of a little bit of everything, which goes a long way in a diverse company like Independent Industrial Services.  This strong and silent type has only been with the company since 2017, but he still handles his duties like a boss. 

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